Teak & Wood Works

Teak and Wood Works are done with a high quality level for best suitable solutions for your boat. Our talented team are doing their jobs with the highest care and respect and apply this as a work principle in their applications.

Interior projects can range from small modifications during refits through to complete new-build projects. The team can produce all types of interior styles from traditional raised and fielded panelling through to minimalist flat panel designs – finished in high gloss or satin finishes to owners’ specifications.

Exterior woodwork can comprise fitting of teak decks, capping rails, traditional companionways, skylights and cockpit furniture.

Teak & Wood Services

  • Teak deck fitting and replacement
  • Service and repair of teak deck sanding
  • Capping rail replacement and repairs
  • Interior floor covering, repair of stairs
  • Lofting and machining
  • Furniture construction
  • Soft furnishings
  • Material supply