C'est La Vie

Within the C’Est La Vie you will discover a harmonious balance of opposites: style and function; comfort and practicality; simplicity and technology. Here aesthetic beauty and luxury are equally as important as performance, safety and convenience.

She is not only stunning but the yacht also performs extremely well, she sails perfectly under all conditions and has proven to be very fast on the water. As people say “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”, many people will have different ideas on the interior and exterior styling. It is new, it is fresh and has a lot of warmth in it. All aspects of modern comfort are covered and it is the true result of a passionate quest for the statement the owners wanted to make.

The Master’s Suite is the Owner’s domain and is split level creating unusual generosity of space. The suite is dominated by a private lounge area at the entry level and a luxurious king-sized bed on the second level just two steps below. Natural all-round light bathes the suite in different moods as the day turns to night.

A sideboard divides the lounge from the bedroom. It is made of light white panelling contrasting with satin walnut surfaces of the built-in elements. The elegant lounge atmosphere resonates through the entire room.

Two twin guest suites and a VIP suite, each having their own ensuite bathrooms are situated in the middle and forward of the lower deck. The VIP suite resonates an air of charm through the craftmanship of the finest materials. The satin walnut surfaces, the frames of the bed, the ceiling with ostrich print, the copper-plated wall panelling combined with white painted surfaces and the cream carpets lend the interior a demure beauty.