BLADE achieves that perfect balance of luxurious fit & finish and sporty performance. With breathtaking good looks, dynamic performance and versatile accommodation, the BLADE is set to redefine her class.

She displays all the characteristics that define the KaiserWerft quality, yet stands out with her own unique style.

A fluid design, superior performance, luxurious features and an ambition as large as a typical of a fly bridge craft. An ambitious idea an painstaking planning brought together to create the ultimate concept of comfort, an elegante and aggressive design and high performance.

The most highly advanced technology is used in every detail on this magnificent yacht.

The BLADE compromises high speed with ultra luxury accessories. This tempting yacht got comfortable accommodation cabins and lovely interior design.

With the latest technological improvement of propulsion and power systems together with luxury fabrics, leather and wood veneer. Speed and comfort come together in one on this fantastic vessel.