The Baroness-875 is a stunningly impressive luxurious yacht. She offers style and grace, size and power and is the perfect vessel to cruise in comfort and safety. The large charter catamaran is designed and conceived for charter guest who demand only the very best.

Affording all the pleasures of the sea, the Baroness-875 will take your breath away with the distinctive comfort, fixtures and services you’ve come to expect from KaiserWerft. This superb catamaran is the remarkable culmination of KaiserWerft's technological advances and innovative concepts, specifically designed for optimal safety and offshore performance. The Lounge Deck is segregated from the helmstation and control lines, ensuring uninterrupted relaxation for guests while still allowing easy communication with the skipper.

The dining and living room exude a refined yet relaxing ambience, courtesy of the discerning choice of textiles and furnishings, lighting, central island in galley, and the flexibility to customise the area’s layout according to your specific needs. At anchor or at sea, the outstanding panorama is a unique signature of the Baroness-875.