The pleasure of being unique

All the KaiserWerft yachts are unique creations. Materials, furnishings and interior and exterior finishings are a part of their environment. Each yacht is equal only in so much as it is a concept created around the desires of the owner. And it is in this way that the yachts become truly personal and unique, like every KaiserWerft model.

With passion and commitment to deliver superb products and services, we are continuously moving forward and pushing the boundaries. Our new model – a stunning Kaiser-75 - is our latest collaboration with Marco Casali of Too Design, and this seriously dramatic concept design has received unanimous accolades from superyacht industry experts and clients.

Our luxury cruising yachts are lavishly appointed and designed to deliver responsive handling in offshore conditions. Each is arranged, equipped and finished to provide complete comfort and enjoyment, even at the most remote destinations.

Building these seaworthy statements of luxury requires the work of skilled artisans with an unsurpassed commitment to quality.