Creating your lifestyle

If our naval architects, interior designers, and proving grounds work around the clock, it’s because we wish to go beyond simply making yachts. We want to create the quality and design of your dream yachts.

For each owner, we design a unique yacht that reflects their personality and lifestyle. For them, we imagine styles, create spaces, curves and perspectives and give them a meaning, a direction. We are extremely ambitious in our solutions and only your imagination sets limits to the possibilities.

Designing a yacht is an art, a subtle blend of creation and knowledge, audacity and rigour. The success of our yachts stems from the privileged relationship we maintain with our clients. We discern their needs and place our skills at their disposition, offering them innovative solutions that respect the lines and balance of their project.

Many of our clients come to us with specific requests, and our low-volume, craftsmanship-based production methods mean that we will accommodate these requests wherever possible.

If you are thinking about having a yacht build, please consider KaiserWerft. We can assist you to create a yacht which mirrors your design preferences. Our cooperation begins before you order, and it continues until launch of your yacht.

Building a custom yacht is a long-term project and a major investment - it is therefore critical to determine the right team for your specific needs. KaiserWerft is working with well known international naval architects and interior designers to present you with exterior as well as interior design options ranging from the classical to the most modern. Equipped with technical knowledge, impartiality and years of experience, KaiserWerft is expertly place to advise future owners on yacht types and sizes, materials, designs, financing and legal matters. They work alongside all parties involved to supervise the project and are on call throughout the entire build, ensuring that the yacht delivered not only adheres to the contractual specifications but also fulfills the expectations of the future owner.

Our naval architects will present you with the newest yacht building options, including yacht design, building materials, engines, safety equipment and many other options to decrease building costs, increase fuel efficiency and lower operating costs of your yacht.

Our interior designers will discuss with you the latest interior design trends ranging from the classical wood to the latest composite, steel and aluminium material options. Interior furnishings and accessories are most important to give you that feeling of warmth and comfort every time you are aboard your yacht.

Every design detail is drawn and presented to you in 3 dimensions. You can review, alter and change any part of the design until you are completely satisfied with your choices. You may even make changes during the construction process. We are completely flexible and our aim is always to please you, the customer.

Our experience in building high quality composite, steel and aluminium yachts to the highest international yacht standards make it possible to build your custom designed yacht or mega yacht at the most reasonable cost.

From defining the concept to delivering their yacht, we get involved down to the very last detail. So when you choose a KaiserWerft, you have the opportunity to make your mark on one of the most enjoyable acquisitions of your life.